J'Mel Pop

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Hey Guys,  You should watch The latest Episode,  ”Something Ricked This Way Comes”    I worked as a color stylist on this episode,  and here are some of the fun characters I got to color.  Top is Rick and Summer when they get all super buff for the DMZ montage.  Now I only did the color keys for this,  I cant take credit for the super cool designs and solid turn around,  They were originally drawn by one of the character designers,  Either Carlos Ortega, Zach Bellissimo or Stephanie Ramirez.  And then of course they would have been scrutinized under the expert eye of our Art Director James Mcdermott and Color Supervisor,  Jason Boesche!  anyways,  what i’m saying is.  a lot of people worked on it,  and its somewhat of a pipeline!